Using Twitter API with Twitter desktop Application

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Recently browsing twitter through the twitter app, I discover a fantastic “GUI console” for use the Twitter API.

Vim migrating to the habit of using an IDE

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I do not plan to do a “tutorial” step by step how to migrate to VIM. On the Internet there are thousands of them in all shapes and colors. Explaining personally as it was for me and then you try to.

Change Default Language Apps in OSX

osx   default language   AppleLanguages  

By default, Some Applications will select the first available translation from the list in your language list (depending on what version of OSX you’re using).

RedisTab App Documentation

redis   development   management   server   redistab  

I create my first App in Swift for OSX, hope you enjoy it and will be helpful.

Control your Keynote Presentations with Alfred Remote

workflow   development   alfredapp   keynote  

I consider myself a poweruser of Alfred and the launch of “Remote” (Alfred App for iOS) I came up with the brilliant idea to develop a remote to control my Keynote presentations