For audiophiles always difficult for us to find ways of listening to music as ‘loseless’ without having to twist the system and listen to music in comfort in this case using our iPhone. That is why I began to investigate and come to a form where only using iTunes and maintaining our intact FLAC file. we can enjoy the good sound quality they offer us without using external applications or converters to deal with different audio formats and often have to buy or pay a monthly fee for them.

Prepare your phone

  1. We must download in our iphone some FLAC player because by default music application that includes our iphone it does not support them. There are good free alternatives and also load our mobile default library. But in my case I will be recommending and using VOX Player application for IOS here are the download link
  2. Once you have it installed VOX Player in our iPhone proceed to plug it via USB or WiFi to our iTunes.
  3. Now open iTunes

Load your music

iTunes Steps

  1. We access our phone from iTunes.

  2. We click on ‘’Apps’’ locate in the sidebar.

  3. Scroll down to ’’File Sharing’’ section.

  4. We search our list of phone applications VOX you just installed.

  5. Click on ‘’add’’ add our FLAC files and automatically start upload in the device.

After the upload of FLAC files can now disconnect the iPhone.

Enjoy your music

Open VOX Player in our iPhone & Ta-dah! we can fully enjoy all our free loseless music. If you want to remove music you’ve added You MUST delete from VOX Player.

If you have any doubts, questions or any feedback, feel free to write in the comments!