Recently browsing twitter through the twitter app, I discover a fantastic “GUI console” for use the Twitter API.

Steps to work:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your twitter account
  3. Click on “Create New App” button
  4. Populate the inputs with random data with unique app name, accept developer agreement and create your twitter app.
  5. Open Twitter desktop App.
  6. Go to preferences > Developer tab
  7. Back to the webpage and click in “manage keys and access tokens” link.
  8. Copy and paste consumer key and secret in Developer tab on the application
  9. Back to the webpage again and click on “Create my access token” button
  10. Copy and paste access and secret token in developer tab on the application
  11. Press verify token and you receive an OK answer (If you not receive an OK answer please follow up the steps again)

And you’re ready, after right click a randow tweet and click in “View Tweet JSON” Now you obtain a fancy and “realtime” Twitter GUI client for use the API with your data feed.

You can also open the console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + CMD + C in OSX.